What is self-awareness or self-knowledge?

People think that acquiring knowledge, possessing great skills, earning money, living in a beautiful palace, becoming a political leader and businessman, or an athlete, or an actor, or an excellent engineer or a doctor, etc. make their life more joyful and successful. On the other hand, those who have everything in life are also suffering almost from whatever they had accumulated or achieved until now, are they not? They have never tried to understand themselves, why they are so. To put it another way, they know nothing about themselves fundamentally, and this is the reason. Self-awareness and self-knowledge is the soil that you can build everything else upon it. Your joy, misery and everything else happen to you from within. So, is it not essential to seek self-discovery because of innumerable problems and struggles each of us has in life? 

When looking at everything without any reaction is the start of self-knowing and self-discovery

Self-awareness is the discovery of yourself from moment to moment in your life. This discovery starts with observation and keen attention. And there is no judgement, like or dislike, condemnations, conflicts, and desires in your observation. Indeed, you start to look at everything without any reaction, without any choice, which is awareness. And, I know, that is one of the most difficult things, but it’s life, love and freedom.

self-knowing and self-discovery
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You should understand that self-discovery doesn’t mean your isolation from everything else, it would be a mistake. Indeed, you should start discovering yourself in contact with everything around. There, you can see how you react in relation to your thoughts, to past, to future, to present, to a desire, to a conflict, to society and so on. Observe your responses towards everything, ask yourself why you react so and look for answers from within, and not from a book or master. It’s you and the answer is within you. To discover your responses requires an extraordinary alertness of your mind. But getting through self-awareness, discovering how you react in relation to everything around is the starting point, with a keenness of perception.

In short, if you want to transform yourself, self-knowledge is essential. Without knowing what and who you are, there is no basis for right thoughts and actions, and as a result of a joyful life. To understand life, love and freedom, transformation is vital, and it happens only through self-knowing. 

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