Thai Food in Bangkok

Thai Food in Bangkok

With a population of 69.4 million in 2017, Kingdome of Thailand is a Southeast Asian country. The capital, Bangkok, is the first city that comes to people’s mind when they hear about Thailand. Moreover, Bangkok is the most populated city with a population of over eight million. And as a hub, Bangkok represents the entire country. So does food in Bangkok. 

While the country is traditionally divided into four regions, there are five regional cuisines. In other words, Bangkok is a part of the central region of the country, but cuisine in Bangkok is known as a separate cuisine. The other four regional cuisines are the central cuisine, the North cuisine, the northeast cuisine, and the southern cuisine. The culinary and ethnicity of each region is different.

Only by knowing the right restaurant and place, you can serve any kind of famous food in Bangkok. It’s a famous city for its street foods that is open late at night. Taste, smell, flavour, mouthfeel and temperature are considerable variables in Thai cuisine in Bangkok. Since these are considerable and interacting variables, dishes must complement each other well. In fact, these are the variables that turn a good meal into a great meal. 

Thai Cusine in Bangkok has been under a huge amount of influences of other cultures such as Chinese, modern Europe, North American, Mon, and Persia.

In short, food in Bangkok comes as a form of boiled dishes (tom), pounded dishes (tam), curries (gaeng), and spicy salads (yam). In fact, these are the four types of traditional Thai cuisine

One-plate and set meals in Bangkok

You can serve food not only in Bangkok but also in other regions in the form of a one-plate and set meals.

In fact, a one-plate meal is a kind of street food. It’s a complete meal, and not shared with anyone else. To put it another way, it is not a family-style meal. The main part of the meal is noodle or rice in a bowl or on a plate. As accompaniments, dishes such as egg, seafood, meat and the like are served with rice and noodle. You’re flexible to choose the accompaniments for the main part, in particular, with rice. Since the one-plate meal is a kind of street food, people serve it as a snack or lunch meal.

In contrast, a set meal includes different type of dishes on many plates and bowls. As you may think now, it is a family or friend-style meal. You are less flexible to choose all the accompaniments the way you like. And since it is a group-style meal, Thais have it as dinner. 

The staple food in Bangkok

Rice is a staple dish among Thais. People consume largely jasmine rice and eat sticky rice only with dishes such as fried chicken and pork skewers. Thais eat rice nearly with any kind of food. Since rice is a staple food in Bangkok and other regions, Thais use a spoon and fork nearly with all type of food. On the other hand, people use chopsticks only for noodle soups, pan-friend and some other Chinese and Japanese food. Thai people don’t use knives. 

Typical types of food in Bangkok

Food in Bangkok includes different dishes which could be completely different in texture and appearance. The dishes can be something such as dry, wet, spicy, and fresh.

Wet dishes can be something like soups and curries, which have a lot of liquid. On the other hand, deep-fried, grilled, and stir-fry are dry dishes, which are not liquid. The fresh part of typical Thai cusine refers to raw vegetables, herbs and/or salads and dips. 

Thai people have at least one spicy dish on their tables. The spicy dish can be a bowl of soup, a hot curry or a salad bowl. 

Condiment of Thai cuisine in Bangkok

There are different table-side condiments when you are serving Thai food in Bangkok. The common ones are the following.

  • Fish sauce mixed with chopped chillies: It tastes salty and spicy. Also, you can have this sauce mixed with a squeeze of lime or chopped small onions and/or garlic. 
  • Spice: It is a kind of crushed and dried red chilli or chilli fried in oil.
  • Sweet: It can be brown or white sugar. 
  • Sour: It’s kind of chillies pickled in vinegar sauce. 
  • Salt: It can be the fish sauce mixed with chopped chillies or fish sauce alone.

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