Thai Cuisine

Thai Cuisine

Bangkok as the capital is the first city that comes to people’s mind when thinking of Thailand. The city is the most populous city of Thailand with a population of over eight million. As a hub, Bangkok represents the entire country. So does Thai cuisine in Bangkok.

Foreign countries, climate, and geography have influenced Thai cuisine and culinary traditions. For instance, Bangkok cuisine has been under a huge amount of influences of other cultures such as Chinese, modern Europe, North American, Mon, and Persia. Moreover, for many centuries, regions with neighbouring countries often share the same culinary background and ethnicity on both sides of the borders. 

Thai Cuisine is one of the world-class culinary experiences and Thailand a great destination for foodie people. Traditional Thai cuisine falls into 4 different types: boiled dishes (tom), pounded foods (tam), curries (gaeng), and spicy salads (yam). Indeed, these are the four types of traditional Thai foods. Moreover, a Thai meal includes different dishes which may be completely different in texture and appearance. These dishes can be something such as dry, wet, spicy, and fresh dishes.

In Thai foods, taste, smell, flavour, mouthfeel and temperature are interacting variables. Dishes should complement each other well. Indeed, paying attention to these variables turns a good meal into a great meal.

There are four regions in Thailand: the south, north, northeast, and central region. But there are five regional cuisines: the central cuisine, the cuisine of Bangkok, the North cuisine, the northeast cuisine, and the southern cuisine. Bangkok has own cuisine, however, it’s the part of the central region. As I mentioned above, the culinary and ethnicity of each region is different in comparison with other regions.

Rice in Thai cuisine

In addition to rice as a staple dish, Thais eat noodles as well. People eat rice nearly with any kind of food. Thais consume largely jasmine rice and eat sticky rice only with dishes such as fried chicken and pork skewers.

There are a wide variety of vegetables rarely found in the west in Thai cuisine. Fresh fruits are served after a meal as dessert and snack. Moreover, Thai people also eat their fruits with spicy dips made from, salt, sugar and even chillies. You can find fruits such as jackfruit, mango, papaya, mangosteen, pomelo, lansat, durian, longan, rose apples, grapes, and so on.

Meanwhile, there are a wide variety of insects in Thai cuisine, in particular in the north and northeast. Thai people use them as a whole, ingredients in fortified products and in chilli paste.

A one-plate meal and set meals

You can buy and serve foods on the street, food courts, restaurants, and market foods. And these Thai foods come as a one-plate meal and set meals.

Indeed, a one-plate meal is a kind of street food. The main part of the meal is noodles or rice in a bowl or on a plate. It’s a complete meal and not shared with anyone. You serve the rice or noodles with other dishes as accompaniments on it or mixed with it. 

On the other hand, a set meal includes different dishes on many plates and bowls. Thai people server their set meals mostly with friends and family. 

Condiment of Thai Cuisine

There are different table-side condiments when you are serving Thai foods. The common ones are the following.

  • Fish sauce mixed with chopped chillies: It tastes salty and spicy. Also, you can have this sauce mixed with a squeeze of lime or chopped small onions and/or garlic. 
  • Spice: It is a kind of crushed and dried red chilli or chilli fried in oil.
  • Sweet: It can be brown or white sugar. 
  • Sour: It’s kind of chillies pickled in vinegar sauce. 
  • Salt: It can be the fish sauce mixed with chopped chillies or just fish sauce.

CNN Travel listed 7 Thai foods among World’s 50 Best Foods

In an online poll of 35,000 people worldwide conducted by CNN Travel, via Facebook, seven Thai dishes appeared on a list of “World’s 50 Best Foods”. There were more Thai dishes than any other country on the list. The seven Thai foods were: Tom Yam Goong (4th), Pad Thai (5th), Som Tam or Papaya salad (6th), Massaman Curry (10th), Green Curry (19th), Thai Fried Rice (24th) and Moo Nam Tok (36th). 


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