Personal Trainer Price in Bangkok

How much is the Personal Trainer Price in Bangkok?

Fitness clubs in Bangkok offer different personal trainer packages at a high price, but a few of them value your time, trust and money. It’s a fact in every industry. And you as the one who is looking for a personal coach must be aware of the fact otherwise, you can’t reach better of yourself. As human beings, we should never do anything against our life, but we do a lot. And we do so because of not being conscious enough of ourselves. Indeed, no one harms herself or himself consciously. And raising this consciousness in people’s life should be the core of a health coaching program. 

As a health coach, I see that most people are suffering from everything in their life. And to end this suffering, other health sectors have already been established. So, for dealing with life’s struggles, you have to see many so-called health professionals. This is our today’s life, and everything has been built and managed based on this notion. But this is not aligned with our existential fact. We can’t approach better health this way, and we are evidence of this bitter reality in our everyday’s life. You are trying to find out about fitness trainer price in Bangkok, but first of all, it’s necessary to know the fundamental fact of reaching a blissful life, physically and mentally. For seeking physical health and mind, it’s important to understand the very fundamentals of what a healthy mind and body are. And, if a health coach has not realized how to transform one’s into a healthy mind, his sports knowledge won’t help you for reaching a better lifestyle whether you pay less or more. A better lifestyle means LOVE and FREEDOM from everything including yourself.

Fitness Trainer in Bangkok
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First of all, It’s important to find a Professional Coach before finding out about Fitness Trainer Price in Bangkok

What I said above is not just specific to Bangkok, but it’s true all over the world. As most people believe, your life quality, not material life, doesn’t depend on who you are, how you look, where you are from, etc. It depends on how much conscious you are. The so-called psychological terms such as lack of confidence and motivation, confusion, stress, bad habits, laziness, and even health and unfit body, etc. are the consequences of unawareness in life. In other words, there is a lack of consciousness in you if you are suffering from life, not because you have problems. Indeed, problems are the results and consequences, not the causes. For this reason, even you may aim to gain some muscle, lose body fat and increase strength, it’s important to find such a health professional who is aware of the fundamentals. Once you do so, discovering personal trainer price in Bangkok is not a big issue. 

Personal Trainer Price in Bangkok
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Indeed, working with professionals who are aware of love and freedom in life can help you to have freedom and love in every moment of life. Love itself is life, but you may not be fully aware of what love is in life. Once you find such a professional regarding your health, as I said, the price is not a matter of concern. Because such a health professional helps you to stand on your feet inwards by your own self-discovery and self-knowledge, whether it’s training, mind, business, or anything else. Once it happens, you don’t need to pay anymore. This way, you can end the game of paying money for your health issues at all. And this your health freedom.

Life Personal Coaching (LPC) Center Offers You Health Coaching at Home or any Gym Professionally and Affordably

As I pointed out before, first of all, find a professional unless you will waste your time, money and trust. There are many fitness instructors and health coaches in Bangkok who only do business on people’s life. Indeed, they are not aware of this fact that they do only business, not bring people’s health and life back that people have lost since childhood. The fitness trainer price per session in Bangkok is different. Most trainers charge their clients from THB1800 up to THB3000 per session. There are a few who charge around THB1000. Unfortunately, around 95% of all these trainers know nothing about the fundamentals in life and also the technical aspect of training. Don’t judge me negative, in fact, it’s true in the whole health industry, especially dealing with chronic health issues. 

The following table outlines the benefits to you between other gyms and our Life Personal Coaching (LPC) centre in Bangkok. Unlike other gyms, the LPC offers you a single coaching program which deals in every aspect of your life. A coaching program that will reach all over the world soon. Because this is the only way to help people live joyfully and realize what life is in reality.  

Comparison between our LPC and other Services in Bangkok

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We not only offer a comprehensive coaching program but also very affordable. As I said, there is a few who charges less than us, but for sure, I can say that most of them just wast your time. The time you won’t have it back and running out in every second. If you are ready for a transformation, we will be ready to help you. Also, we offer a free 90-minute initial session at your won convenient place. In other words, we can coach you at home/condo or any gym outside of wherever you live in Bangkok. It’s noteworthy that we also offer online coaching across the globe.

LPC Health Coaching Price in Bangkok

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question regarding your health, our coaching programs in Bangkok and also Online Coaching programs. Last but not least, we have a work permit and legally work at Bring You Health Company Limited in Thailand. May the rest of your life bring the best to you!

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