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Exercise, nutrition, pain-free movement, and meditation

Life is now, not yesterday or tomorrow, so let’s get started now!

What exactly is “health”?

You are in absolute health when you live with vitality, love, and freedom. And it’s only possible when you can move without pain, have optimal physical fitness, feed the body well, and have a clear mind with no pain or suffering. And we have covered each of them in your online coaching plan.

Your Online Health Coaching Plan

Your online coaching plan will include the following:

Bring You Health - Exercise Coaching Program

Exercise Coaching

To improve health and well-being, you need to enhance your physical fitness. Therefore, a sufficient amount of lean body mass, fat, strength, power, speed, mobility, flexibility, coordination, and stability are necessary. You can only do so when you are physically active and follow a well-designed training programme regularly.

Bring You Health - Rehabilitation Coaching Program

Nutrition Coaching

Eating is not entertainment, but most make it out of it due to so many hardships. It’s giving your body what it needs, which has a big impact on your health, body composition, and performance. However, there might be nothing wrong with enjoying food, but simply feeling pleasurable for a few minutes and then torturing the body for hours is not wise either.

Bring You Health - Exercise Coaching Program

Movement & Alignment

Without proper posture, alignment, symmetry, muscle length and strength, coordination, and balance, your body doesn’t function and move well. And if you don’t get them fixed now, you will have movement impairment and/or chronic pain now or later. Proper movement plays a crucial role in your longevity and health.

Bring You Health - Rehabilitation Coaching Program

Meditation & self-discovery

Meditation is not sitting cross-legged, following a method, controlling thoughts, or practising some moves. Meditation requires a mind that is incredibly clear, which has a profound effect on your health. It is to be aware of every thought and feeling—never to say it is right or wrong but just to watch it and move with it. It’s a movement from the known to the unknown.

Coaching Fee

Our primary goal is to help people achieve better physical and psychological health, not to make money off of their health.
per month
  • Exercise Coaching
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Rehabilitation Coaching
  • Meditation & Self-discovery 
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