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What is good nutrition?

What is good nutrition?
People have different definitions of what good nutrition is. A good nutrition plan must: a) properly controls energy balance, b) provides nutrient density, c) produces long-term health, body composition and performance results, and d) is outcome-based.
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What are Vitamins?

In this post, you are going to learn about what vitamins are, how they function in the body, what happens if there are vitamin deficiencies in the body and what happens if there are an excessive amount of vitamins in the body, and what are essential vitamins?
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What is a calorie in food?

What is a calorie in food

What is a calorie in food? This discussion gives you some insight into what a calorie in food is, the potential energy of food, the relationship between a kcal and a joul, and combusting values of foods in the human…

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