The Features of Good Gyms

Sure, apart from the features mentioned below, there are also some other factors that could be important for some such as location and the number of branches, membership fees, parking space and fees, the building/area where the gym is located, facilities such as a swimming pool and/or different types of sauna, etc.

A Good Gym Has 4 Amazing Features

A gym is a place where one goes to exercise in order to improve his or her health, body composition, performance, and movements. Some may also find going to gyms helpful to unwind and socialize with others. For this reason, gyms should provide a safe, functional, and comfortable training environment for everyone. 

Before exploring the features of a good gym, one who is looking for a gym should ask oneself this question: Do I really need to join a gym? It’s an important question to evaluate whether you really need a gym membership or not. There is no doubt that a gym membership has its amazing benefits, but it may not be essential for everyone in the long run.

As a trainer, I see that some people don’t get all the major benefits offered by gyms, at least in the long run. For example, If you want to do just some sort of cardio exercises and there is no need for using weights and other types of exercise equipment, then joining a gym would be pointless. You can work out at home or in a park on your own. Or with a little investment, you can work out with a trainer perfectly.

Indeed, your own body is an amazing thing that you can use, and create and do many exercises. So joining even the best gyms might be a waste of money and even time if you do love exercising outdoors and/or indoors with some basic but incredible equipment such as your own body weight.

Good Gyms Has Creative Designs, Layouts, Good Flooring, and Enough Space

To exercise and perform well, a gym has to be designed and built with a lot of thought and care. Gyms should be well structured and spacious, as well as all exercise equipment and other facilities have to be properly organised, so all users can use the gym effectively and efficiently at the same time.

This is particularly important at peak times, normally in the mornings and evenings when people join a gym either before work or after work. If you are a person who wants to exercise right after or before work, you should check a gym at those times and see whether the gym is packed with people or not. It’s quite difficult to exercise effectively or join a class in peace when gyms are packed with people.

Well-structured fitness clubs that are creative in their designs and layouts have sufficient lighting, appealing design features, adequate temperature control, well-placed facilities and equipment as well as adequate space between them. 

On the other hand, a good gym must have a good floor too. The flooring must provide users with the right conditions for good sports performance and safety. The floor has to be resilient enough and shock absorbent for weight lifting and other types of exercises. Most gyms lack a resilient floor. If you are interested in doing movements such as the deadlift and/or clean and jerk, shock-absorbent tile, and hard surfaces are key for better performance and ease of use in mind. 

Good Gyms are Full of Useful Facilities

Good Gyms are Full of Useful Facilities 

As mentioned above, designing a gym needs a lot of care and thoughts. Equipping fitness clubs with the right equipment and facilities is not an easy task. Such a task needs one who truly knows how the human body moves and physical functions. He or she should know what equipment are necessary and what are not. One shouldn’t choose exercise facilities randomly or open a gym with little knowledge because there are many exercise facilities in which way they are designed don’t allow the body to move the way it should.

For example, there are gyms with many Smith machines but lack squat racks/machines or don’t have them at all. And Smith machines are one of those exercise machines that restrict neutral human movements. And while exercising, restriction in neutral human movement is not a good thing at all.

Find out whether the gym has the essential exercise accessories for your preferred training type or not. For example, does the gym have a heavy bag and a well-structured and well-floored area if you love boxing and lifting heavy lifting? Indeed, all health and fitness clubs must be equipped with cutting-edge, essential, and adequate amount of exercise accessories for their users. So there would be more safety while using, for example, a machine, and no need for time limits on specific machines like bench presses, squat racks, treadmills, etc.

In a nutshell, good gyms, depending on the number of their members, have but are not limited to: some good squat and power racks with good flooring, adjustable benches at different angles, an adequate amount of plates and dumbbells, barbells for men and women, kettlebells, pull-ups and dip bars, machines such as leg press, cycling bike, stairway, air bike, treadmill and climber, a heavy bag(s) for punching, toilets and shower rooms, a stretching area, etc.

Good Gyms are clean and well-maintained

For better health and personal hygiene, wherever we live, work, exercise, or stay for a short time and whatever we touch should be in a good state of cleanliness. Depending on the type of germ, touching the contaminated surface and object is one of the ways to transmit the germ. So in the interests of everyone’s hygiene and safety, a clean exercise environment and well-maintained facilities are important factors when it comes to choosing a gym. Gyms need to be disinfected cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Facilities should be in a good condition. In a timely and efficient manner, damaged equipment and facilities must be repaired and fixed. In addition to the gym’s floor needing to be cleaned every day, other accessories must be cleaned and disinfected many times throughout the day. The entire facility including toilets, shower rooms, and lockers must be in immaculate condition.

A good Gym has Professional and Helpful Staff
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A good Gym has Professional and Helpful Staff

Another feature of a good fitness club is whether the facility has competent and helpful staff. Indeed, it’s a very crucial matter when a gym offers one-on-one personal training and group class training. All fitness trainers and coaches must be aware and qualified in whatever they are specialists. it can be weight management, weight lifting, boxing, nutrition etc.

Apart from trainers who must be professional in what they do, other staff regardless of their positions should be also friendly and helpful. They should be realistic in unpredictable situations and available to help whenever necessary. A fitness club must not do business on one’s healthy only.

Sure, apart from the features mentioned above, there are also some other factors that could play some roles in describing a good gym. But for me as a trainer, those points are the most important ones. Other factors that could be important for some members are location and the number of branches, membership fees, parking space and fees, the building/area where the gym is located, facilities such as a swimming pool and/or different types of sauna, etc.



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