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Below you can arrange a free coaching session wherever you want to exercise!

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We offer a free exercise/coaching session before starting your health coaching plan in Bangkok. The session takes place at where you want to exercise. In this 90-minute session, we discuss what you need for reaching better health, performance and body composition. Once we understand your needs for reaching an optimal lifestyle, you will hear about our coaching approach for that purpose. Finally, after this free exercise/coaching session, you can decide whether to hire us or not in your own convenience, and we respect your decision.

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free exercise session

Coaching at Your Home/Condo

What does your coaching plan include?

At Bring You Health, you receive a very comprehensive coaching plan. Indeed, our health coaching is built based on compassion, not doing business or making money on your health and life. We have totally understood that your health, performance and body composition are directly related to four things. And these four things are the Rehabilitation Program, Training Program, Nutrition Program and Self-knowing. We will talk about these programs in details in your free exercise session.

Below, we have described each of them briefly.

  1. Rehabilitation program: In case your body doesn’t physically function well, we start your training program after a rehabilitation program. This rehabilitation program includes fixing your posture, balance, muscle length, muscle strength and so on. Most chronic pains and dysfunction are due to neuromuscular system dysfunction. The neuromuscular system includes all the muscles in the body and the nerves serving them.
  2. Training Program: Once we end your Rehabilitation Program, we start your Training Program. The training program focuses on all fitness components you need to reach an optimal lifestyle. These components are strength, power, speed and agility, flexibility, mobility and so on. Your training program is based on weight training, boxing, cycling, bodyweight training, and yoga (if you are interested in).
  3. Nutrition Program: You may know that eating well is important. Indeed, feeding and nourishing your body plays a significant role in your health, body composition and performance. Eating well doesn’t mean suffering, maybe because you can’t eat the food you like the most. Indeed, through the self-knowing program, you will be aware enough to eat what necessary is for your health and life without a single conflict or suffering at all.
  4. Self-Knowing Program: You may have never heard about self-knowing offered in a health coaching program. Indeed, it’s self-knowing that brings about love and freedom in your life. To be the so-called number one in other aspects of life doesn’t help you be free from suffering in life. Self-knowing means free from suffering in life. For this reason, we have included the self-knowing program in your Health Coaching Program.

As I mentioned above, you will know more about these four things in your free exercise session. The main purpose of this session is to understand things which directly relate to your health. And things related to your optimal health and life are beyond that daily exercise routine that most coaching centres offer nowadays.

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You can arrange your free exercise/coaching session through different platforms below. You can send an email, call us or text us through Line App, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. And once we hear from you, we arrange an appointment at your own place and convenient time.

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