What are Physical Fitness and Health?

Nourishing the body, performing physical activity, good recovery, practising personal safety, and, if possible, obtaining regular medical exams contribute to one's physical fitness and health. On the other hand, these are not enough for optimal and/or total health.

Fitness and Health

Health is energy, and there is health when there is no suffering from something in life, even single suffering. In addition to self-knowing, genetics, environment, and quality of health care, lifestyle choices have a major impact on one’s health and fitness. It’s proved that one can control his/her vulnerability to disease and pain by following optimal lifestyle decisions.

To be fit and healthy physically, one must include regular physical activity with proper movement patterns and posture, as well as good nutrition in his/her daily living. All of these play significant roles in one’s fitness and health. 

The Role of Physical Activity in Fitness and Health

Physical activity includes any bodily movement produced by the neuromusculoskeletal system that results in an energy increase over resting metabolic rate (RMR). Generally, total daily energy expenditure is defined by RMR (represents basal metabolic rate or BMR+ maintenance activity) + physical activity (exercise activity + non-exercise activity thermogenesis or NEAT) + thermic effect of feeding (TEF). Exercise and athletic training, leisure-time physical activity, occupational work, chores and any other daily movements are under this broad concept of physical activity. 

Total Daily Energy Expenditure

By regular physical activity, you can improve your body composition (fat and fat-free body mass) as well as physical fitness. Both physical fitness and a normal range of body weight not only reduce the risk of disease but also improve the quality of life. 

Among the two types of physical fitness (health-related, and athletic ability physical fitness), improving health-related fitness is extremely important in one’s health. Health-related physical fitness improves body composition, proper movement patterns and flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardiorespiratory fitness.

Proper human movement and posture are entirely overlooked in daily lives. The reason for most of the chronic physical pain and lack of functional efficiency is due to neglecting and/or not understanding the importance of movements in one’s daily life. 

The Role of Good Nutrition in Fitness and Health

In addition to physical activity, good nutrition is also vital in one’s life. Healthy eating improves one’s health, fitness, body composition, and performance. A healthy eating plan reduces the risk of many diseases. 

So, what is good nutrition? Or, how to understand the goodness of an eating plan? To answer these two questions, a good nutrition plan must meet the following four criteria. 

  1. Good nutrition properly controls energy balance
  2. Good nutrition provides nutrient density 
  3. Good nutrition produces long-term health, body composition and performance results
  4. Good nutrition is outcome-based 

Good nutrition properly controls energy balance

Energy balance is the relationship between the amount of energy you consume from food and drink “energy in as food calories” and the amount of energy being used in the body “energy out as calories”.  

Energy imbalances impact more than weight gain or loss. Reduction in the metabolic rate impacts non-survival functions in the body such as metabolic function, cognitive function, reproductive function and repair function. On the other hand, not only gaining body fat but also increasing blood pressure and blood cholesterol, building up plaques in arteries, becoming insulin resistant (predisposed to diabetes), inclined to certain cancers to name a few are negative effects of too much overfeeding or positive energy imbalance. 

Good nutrition provides nutrient density 

Nutrient density is the concept relative to the ratio of essential nutrients such as minerals and vitamins that are found per 100 calories of foods. The nutrient content of foods varies, and the difference between food groups are more distinct than the difference between foods in the same group. 

Good nutrition produces long-term health, body composition, fitness and performance results

Good nutrition is beyond losing fat or gaining muscle. In essence, good nourishing improves your fitness, health and performance, which all are significant things in life. 

Good nutrition is outcome-based 

Last but not least, the effectiveness of a diet can be assessed by evaluating your health profile and fitness. For this reason, by following a good eating plan you must achieve optimal health results unless there is something wrong. Fix it. 

The Bottom Line

Nourishing the body, performing physical activity, good recovery, practising personal safety, and, if possible, obtaining regular medical exams contribute to one’s physical fitness and health. On the other hand, these are not enough for optimal and/or total health. Self-knowing is extraordinarily important in life and health. Unfortunately, this aspect of health and/or life is largely neglected due to illusions humans live in inwardly and outwardly for millenniums. And the self which is an illusion never allow human beings to understand the truth. 

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