a human, a friend and a health coach who lives with you on this lovely planet, Earth, and is not identified with anything e.g. nationality, race, gender, etc.

Exercise and Blood Pressure

Exercise and blood pressure – In relation to blood pressure, exercise has been shown to offer a number of interconnected advantages, such as maintaining a healthy body weight, lowering the risk of heart disease, and strengthening the cardiovascular system. Drug…

What are the Objectives of a Training Plan?

Understanding the objectives of a training Plan is of paramount importance. Indeed, a person should prepare himself or herself for achieving specific objectives when starting training. Training should be structured and focused. The goal of a training Plan is to…

Home Personal Training in Bangkok

home personal training in Bangkok

If you are looking for home personal training with a professional and dedicated health coach/personal trainer in Bangkok, you are in the right place. Home personal training can be an excellent way to stay fit and healthy without having to…